The city’s Convention and Tourism Board members learned at its recent meeting the receipts for the May lodging tax took a downturn by over 20 percent as compared to last year.

In the July 26 meeting, the board learned the tax generated $9,311.05 in revenue, or 21.5 percent decrease compared to $11,372.68 in 2017.

Assistant City Manager Debbie Bottoroff presented members with the lodging tax reports from Monkey Island RVs and Resorts for February through May and advised the $761.66 collected was not included in the current Hotel Tax spreadsheet.

In other business, Grand Lake photographer Bob Livesay told the board during the public comments portion of the meeting, photographs and videos had been taken of recent events, Toes in the Grand, Southern Drag Boat Association boat races and Food Truck Fridays.

The video of the Top Fuel boat race at the SDBA race had 250,000 views, he said.

All the board members agreed the photographs and videos are making positive impact on Grove and the Grand Lake area. 

Brent Malone, who was not in attendance, filed his monthly report with the city about the boat races.

His report stated, the race had 3,500 people watching 101 boats, an increase from last year’s 68 boats, including 20 Pro-Mods.

This year, three new classes were added, Top Alcohol Flat, Top Alcohol Hydro, and Top Fuel Hydro, which led to around 40 boats with speeds over 160 mph.

The Convention and Tourism Board is working on a televised event in the next two years and the city’s promotion of the even on Facebook reached over 200,000 people and was shared over 500 times, according to Malone’s report.

The board also approved to reschedule the Aug. 23 regular meeting to Aug. 30 due to a scheduling conflict with Board Chairman Jim Corbridge’s schedule. 

The board approved paying $750 to Grand Lake Festivals, Inc. who put on the Cajun Festival. Grand Lake Festivals received a $1,500 grant for the Cajun Festival, with the stipulation that $750 of the grant would be paid when the grant was approved, and the remainder of the grant would be paid after the board reviewed the festival’s post event report. 

Corbridge informed the board bringing Doug Kershaw to this year’s Cajun Festival attracted more attendees. Grove’s sales tax portion because of the festival was $5,103 per day, according to city documents.

In financial information, the board has spent $2,022.67 in salaries; $7,870.82 in sponsorship, and $1,495 in marketing. 

The next meeting will take place at 2 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 30 at the Grove Community Center, Room 5.