Oklahoma Team Genesis went 1-1 in their first day of pool play at the National Softball Tournament in Bentonville on Wednesday, July 27.

The first game started at 9 a.m. and was a loss against Sluggers Fastpitch – Orange 1-11.

The game was later determined to have been played on a short field set up for the 14u teams.

The pitching mound and bases were closer then regulation but since the game was not a bracket play game it was scored as a loss.

Their second game was against NWA Legends 02 and was a victory for the girls with a 5-1 win after five innings of play.

With USSSA games there is a seven inning or 90-minute limit to game time to keep the tournaments moving.

Before the start of their second game the girls participated in a gift exchange with Oly Fire from Illinois which is an annual tradition encouraged by USSSA.

The girls are asked to find something from their state to exchange with an out of state team and take a moment to shake hands and great each other.

The game against NWA started with Genesis on the field and Mikalle Pair pitching.

The top of the first saw a little action from NWA with the first batter getting thrown out at first followed by a strike out thrown by Pair.

The next two batters from NWA were able to both hit singles placing a runner in scoring position before the third out was made at first on an infield grounder.

The girls from Genesis came up to bat hitting a double to put the runner on second followed by a pop out to deep outfield that resulted in an RBI, scoring only one before they were retired for the inning.

NWA took up bats in the top of the second hitting three singles off Pair to load the bases.

A walk from Pair gave NWA their only run of the game before the close of the inning.

The game remained scoreless and tied 1-1 until the bottom of the fourth when team Genesis stepped up to the plate to load the bases on three singles.

Pair stepped into the box looking to bring a runner home to score and crushed the ball back to the fence for a triple and 3RBI play placing Genesis in a solid lead 5-1.

The top of the fifth saw just about 18 minutes of game time remaining with Coach John Morrow looking to get quick three outs.

Genesis got the first two batters out at first and then allowed two singles before throwing the runner out at third.

There was some question as to the call but before the officials could discuss the play the runner stepped off the bag and was tagged with the ball solidifying the out.

Coach Morrow then instructed his team to take their time behind the plate with only minutes left in the game.

Oklahoma Team Genesis was able to come away with the win after five innings and 90 minutes of game time.

“We haven’t played our best game yet and we will have to fight tomorrow, pitch well and field well,” said Morrow.

Mikalle Pair earned MVP of the game, “she hit a triple and pitched a good game,” said Morrow.

The girls have one more pool game to play against the 16u Mo Warcats on 9 a.m. Thursday July 26 before they start tournament bracket play.

The game results were unavailable at the time of print.

Should the girls win they will play their first tournament game at 1:15 p.m. and should they lose it will be at 11:30.

“Softball is hard, this is a meat grinder,” said Morrow.