Now that Oklahomans have overwhelmingly passed State Question 788 there are several complications for patients. These are in addition to those caused by the corruption we have seen from the Oklahoma Health Department.

Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug and illegal at the federal level, despite state laws. Congress should immediately pass the legislation proposed by Democrats to deschedule cannabis nationwide. I support it.

Even more pressing is the issue of the 2nd Amendment which the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled to be revoked for anyone possessing a medical cannabis prescription.

What does this mean? It means the federal government believes you cannot be trusted to own firearms because you elected to use cannabis as a medicine for your illness!

There are so few instances where our right to bear arms should ever be restricted and the use of medical cannabis is not one of them, especially since it is now legal in Oklahoma.

I call on my fellow candidates for Congress from OK-2 to pledge their support for descheduling cannabis AND fully protecting the 2nd Amendment right of medical cannabis patients to own and operate guns.

What do you say Congressman Markwayne Mullin (R), Jason Nichols (D), and Clay Padgett (D)? Will you join me in this pledge?

Richard Castaldo