The Grove School Board will vote this week on hiring 13 teachers for the upcoming school year.

The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 17 at the Grove Administration Building located on 210 South Broadway in Grove.

Teaching positions to be filled on temporary contracts are:

Lower Elementary Teacher. Elementary Counselor. Two Upper Elementary teachers. Middle School Language Arts teacher. Title I teacher. High School Band Director. Early Childhood Center teacher. Native American Cultural Specialist/Elementary Teacher.

Other teaching positions requiring emergency certification are for an elementary teacher, a Special Education co-teacher, an Early Childhood Center teacher and a middle school band direction position pending Oklahoma certification.

The board will also vote on several transfers including an elementary teacher to an elementary counselor position, a first grade teacher to an Instructional Coach/Interventionist Teacher position and a lower elementary teacher to a Special Education Co­Teacher, that position is also pending certification.

In other employment matters, the board will vote to hire an Early Childhood Center Principal's office clerk, a paraprofessional and to transfer a special needs paraprofessional to a regular classroom teaching assistant.

The board will also vote on contracts for milk, juice, milk products, bread and bread products, copy paper and buses. In addition site handbooks and a child nutrition procurement plan will be voted on. 

Several agreements will be voted on. Those include Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration to participate in the District Level Services Program, a collaborative services agreement with Grand Head Start, a Grand Head Start lease agreement and a Grand Head Start (Special Education Services) memorandum of understanding.

Other items to be approved are:

Broadcast Agreement with KGVE 99.3 radio station. Service agreements with York Electronic Systems, Inc. McRel International (Principal Evaluations) agreements. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Nursing Students Program cooperative agreement. Positions for the 2018-2019 school year: District Treasurer/Deputy Activity Account Custodian and Minutes Clerk, Gayle Yarborough; District Encumbrance Clerk/Activity Account Custodian, Tina Bauer; District Deputy Encumbrance Clerk, Deputy Treasurer, District Deputy Payroll Clerk, Lori Atkinson; and District Payroll Clerk, Deputy Minutes Clerk, Melissa Sturgeon. Lead to Read program agreement.