Major influencers within the Oklahoma House of Representatives will be in Grove on this week as the second Eggs & Issues, organized by Rep. Josh West (R-Grove) gets underway.

The event, set for 7:30 a.m., Friday, July 20, takes place at Trinity Baptist Church, Grove. It is expected to last until 9 a.m.

Those scheduled to attend, as of press time include, Rep. Kevin Wallace, Chairman Appropriations and Budgeting; Rep. Chris Kannady, Chairman of Judicial and Assistant Majority Floor Leader; Rep. Rhonda Baker, Chairman of Common Education; Rep. Tammy West, Chairman of Higher Education; Rep. Marcus McEntire, Vice Chairman Insurance; Rep. Dale Kirbs, Vice Chairman Elections/Ethics; Rep. Kyle Hilbert, Vice Chairman A&B Select Agencies; Rep. Ross Ford, Vice Chairman Utilities; and Rep. Scott Fetgatter, Vice Chairman Wildlife.

"These are the major players," West said. "If people have questions, these are the people who will have answers."

The event, West said, will have no political agenda. Each representative will come prepared to field questions as presented from the audience concerning present day issues.

West said the event's goal is two-fold: provide a way to answer people's questions, and to bring key legislators to the Grand Lake region.

The legislators in attendance are among those invited for the Legislative Family Getaway taking place Thursday, July 19 to Saturday, July 21. Other activities include a river float trip on Thursday, lunch at Cherokee Spur Ranch on Friday, and the Legislative Golf Tournament on Saturday at Shangri-La Golf Course on Monkey Island.

Several legislators are also expected to join West on Friday, addressing the cadets at this year's Paul Porter Memorial Youth Police Academy, hosted by members of the Grove Police Department.

"This is a good chance to get people who don't spend a lot of time in northeast Oklahoma, to see what takes place within our district," West said. 

In terms of the Eggs & Issues, West said the event is designed to be one of many forums he hosts throughout the district in order to honor his desire to be transparent.

The Eggs & Issues is free to attend. West hopes members of the public - especially those with questions concerning all levels of education - attend and bring their questions.

"This lets constituents have a part in the state government," West said.

Most of the legislators attending Friday, have been in the House four or less years.

"I just want to make people feel their representatives are accessible and give them a better understanding of state government," West said, adding that those who attended last year gave positive feedback. "People like the fact that we do events like this."

The meal during the event is being paid for by the Freshman Political Action Committee, of which West - and most of those attending - are members.