With just a few months left before the start of fall football many students are taking advantage of the special summer training sessions offered locally.

Ridgy maker a specialized program designed to better prepare students for the start of football season started this week.

Held early in the morning at the high school field house starting at 6:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays the course focuses on training students for the rigors of football.

Early on head football coach Ron Culwell is focusing on proper lifting technique so that students can start to work on building muscle mass.

“It’s important to teach them how to lift properly because you lose more time with injuries,” said Culwell.

The freshman through senior high schoolers are first to practice followed by an 8:30 a.m. class for the seventh and eights graders.

With the younger student’s special attention is spent on fundamentals and even proper running techniques which are designed to help the players reach their full potential and minimize injuries.

Currently the course is offered as an optional training event and goes through July 25.

“We used to practice in the evenings because everyone worked,” said Culwell. “They would bale hay during the day and come to football practice at night.”

The first day of football practice which will be required is on August 1 with the time to be determined.

The Ridgerunners season will officially start with their first scheduled scrimmage against Tahlequah on August 17.

The first football game of the season will be at Vinita on August 31.