With almost a million Oklahomans - 891,654 to be exact - casting their ballots, State Question 788, also known as the medical marijuana initiative, has been approved.

The initiative, which now has 30 days for regulatory issues to be considered, was approved by 506,782 or 56.84 of the populace who voted in favor while 384,872 or 43.16 cast negative ballots.

Locally, in Delaware County, almost 10,000 voters came out to vote on this single issue with 4,628 for it, and 4,724 against it.

Delaware County residents, like many of those living in the outlying rural areas, voted against the measure. A majority of the deciding votes came from the center of the state, especially in the metro areas.

Other issues

• Modernized Alcohol Proposition

Locally, the proposition, which modernizes alcohol laws within the county, passed by 57.43 percent to 42.57 percent or 5,348 yes votes to 3,964 votes.

The plan, which goes into effect once the votes are certified on Friday, will allow restaurants and bars to begin serving alcohol at 10 a.m. on Sundays. It will also allow mixed drink sales in restaurants and bars on Christmas Day.

• Commissioner 3

In the District 3 commissioner's race, Democrat Danny Duncan upset his opponent Carl Lancaster, by a vote of 814 to 687.

Duncan, who once served as the commissioner for the district, will face incumbent and Republican candidate Martin Kirk during the general election.

• District 5 House

In the four way race for the Oklahoma House District 5 seat, incumbent Josh West (R-Grove) defeated his three challengers by winning 56.49 percent or 2,576 of the votes cast. 

His competitors received the following votes: Tonya Rudick - 491, 10.77 percent; Josh Russell - 1,107 or 24.28 percent; Elizabeth Boney - 386 or 8.46 percent.

West will now face Democrat Ed Trumbull in the general election. Trumbull, who is currently the mayor of Grove, did not have a primary opponent. 

• United States Representative District 2

On the Republican side, incumbent Markwayne Mullin received 54.15 percent of the vote cast or 32,624.

His challengers received the following: Brian Jackson - 6,899 or 11.45 percent; Jarrin Jackson - 15,191 or 25.21 percent; and John McCarthy - 5,536 or 9.19 percent. At total of 60,250 voters cast ballots in this race.

Mullin will face the winner of the runoff election for the Democratic ticket. 

Jason Nichols, the current mayor of Tahlequah, received 37.90 percent of the 85,892 ballots cast in the four-way race.

He received 32,549 votes to Clay Padgett's 20,796 (24.21 percent) votes. The two men will face off during the August run-off election.

The other challengers Virginia Blue Jeans Jenner received 16,204 votes or 18.87 percent to Elijah McIntosh's 16,343 or 19.03 percent of the votes.

• Govenor

Statewide, in the governor's race, two men emerged from the 10 Republican candidates for the August run-off election.

Tulsa businessman Kevin Stitt received 24.41 percent of the votes or 110,369 statewide, and former journalist turned politician Mick Cornett received 132,713 or 29.35 percent of the vote.

In Delaware County, Lt. Governor Todd Lamb received a majority of the votes, with Stitt coming in second and Cornett a distant third. 

On the Democratic ticket, Drew Edmondson won the statewide race with 61.39 percent of the vote or 242,504 to Connie Johnson's 152,534. 

In Delaware County, Edmondson received 65.76 percent of the votes cast, beating Johnson 2,658 to 1,384.

• Lt. Governor 

On the Republican ticket, a run-off has developed between Dana Murphy and Matt Pinnell.

Murphy received 45.85 percent of the votes, or 196,727 to Pinnell's 35.70 percent or 153,178.

The numbers were flipped in Delaware County, with Pinnell receiving 41.09 percent or 1,861 of the votes to Murphy's 39.39 percent or 1,784 votes.

On the Democratic side, Anastasia Pittman won the two person race with 188,676 or 50.42 percent of the votes to Anna Dearmore's 185,554 or 49.58 percent of the votes.

In Delaware County, Dearmore actually received more of the votes, winning the county with 58.20 percent of the vote, with a total of 2,210 to Pittman's 1,587.