The Delaware County Commissioners discussed during the Monday, June 25 meeting the need to beef up security measures at the courthouse. 

“We need to do something before something happens,” said County Commission Chairman Russell Martin (District 2) during the new business portion of the meeting.

Martin said there was no recent threat but he recently met with elected officials and judges to discuss courthouse security.

Currently doors to the south and east are continuously open and there is no x-ray machine or metal detector in use at either door.

“The sheriff is looking at grants to get an x-ray machine,” Martin said. 

Initial plans are to restrict entrance into the courthouse through the east door. 

“We want one point of entrance,” Martin said. “No lawyer or judge will get a pass to get around security.”

Other measures include rekeying the exterior doors and have a card reader for employees, he said.

Another measure is having a sheriff’s deputy on site in the halls.

“Funding that deputy will come out of the courthouse security fund,” Martin said.

In financial business, the commissioners accepted bids from Unifirst for uniform services, Paper Clip for paper products and cleaning supplies and Grand County Pest for extermination services.

The commissioners also approved paying a $3,344.25 Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau detention invoice and a Craig County Sheriff’s $1,134 invoice for housing inmates in May. 

Several departments were approved for transfer of funds within each department. They are:

New Life Roach Ranch fund - $180,750. Copeland fund - $27,500. Cox Tower Road fund - $66,000. Moseley School Road fund - $29,925.14. Piney Bridge fund - $156,443.60. Sewer Pond Road fund - $78,663.06. Shackleford fund - $36,077.35. Whitewater Bridge fund - $46,391.06.

A $20 bid by Craig Rossman was approved to purchase Flint Ridge RV Park 2 property not sold at a re-sale. 

Several offices filed their list of officers. They are:

District No. 2, Russell Martin, requisitioning and Stan Weaver, receiving and inventory. District No. 1, David Poindexter and Conrad Reed, requisitioning and Ronda Gower, receiving and inventory. 

Flint Ridge Fire Department, Edward Grant, president; Lew Story, vice-president/treasurer; Fred Johnson, secretary; Mike Hope, Gary Summers, members; Dan Simons, fire chief; Amy Simons and Barbara Barnes, requisitioning, Dan Simons and Story, receiving and Amy Simons, inventory.

Kansas Fire Department, Jason Martin, chief; Jimmy Lemmons, assistant fire chief; Elmer Panther, Capitan; Donny Jorgenson, Capitan; Misty Martin, LT; Bob Coleman, administration chief; Lynnford Beachey, chaplain; Jason Martin and Barbara Barnes, requisitioning; Misty Martin and Genia Yeager, receiving; Jason Martin and Genia Yeager, inventory. 

Court Clerk’s office, Karma Sapp, Amanda Jones Caroline Weaver and Veronica Short, requisitioning; Julie Broadway, Shaneigh Darnell, Pam Shotpouch, Whitney Adams, Julie Hutchison, receiving; Caroline Weaver and Pam Shotpouch, inventory.

County Assessor’s office, Chandra Jeffries, Sonya Dozier and Gena Barnwell, receiving; Larena Ellis-Cook, Wayne Tuder, Delala January, requisitioning, and Yvette Faulkner and Julie Will, inventory. Also approved were the accsssor’s office contracts for the 2018-2019 year.

Also approved was:

Jay Holiday Calendar of Events. To receive the 2018 local government selection list with displays and ranks the off-system bridges eligible for federal bridge replacement funds. ODOT Equipment Lease Renewal. Sheriff’s Department contracts. Delaware County Health Department and the Free Fair Board annual report and estimate of needs. To receive and file FEMA form for final closeout of jurisdiction hazard mitigation plan.

The next meeting is 9 a.m. Monday, July 2 at the Delaware County Courthouse in the Commissioners’ Public Meeting room.