After a social networking site promoted a rally at Grove Springs Park in support of State Question 788 Grove Mayor Ed Trumbull asked about the legality of holding a rally in a public park.

“What are the legalities of using a public park for holding a rally to support the issue,” Trumbull asked City Attorney Darren Cook and City Manager Bill Keefer.

Trumbull’s question came during the ward comments of Tuesday’s regular city council meeting. 

The passage of State Question 788 would legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.

“They have to meet all the requirements - then they have the right to use the park," Cook said.

 Grove Police Chief Mark Morris added to the discussion saying there was the possibility of being some problems and he would have officers at the rally and the area.

“My concern is for the people opposing the state question and the safety of the people, whether they are there for it or against it (state question),” Morris said.

“They haven’t supplied the rest of the documentation in order to have rally,” Keefer said during the meeting.

Social networking sites indicate the all-day rally is on Saturday, June 23.

As of press time, Keefer said the city had not received all the correct documentation to hold the rally.

The city council also approved canceling the July 3 meeting citing the city's Third of July festivities at Wolf Creek Park. 

Keefer said if an important matter comes up, he would request to hold a meeting on a different date.

In other business, Trumbull, who also wears the hat of a Grove Public School teacher, beamed as he honored several Grove High School graduates for their academic, musical, and athletic achievements for this past school year.

Honored were:

• Ian Patrick Vandall, Gates Scholarship recipient and Top Scholar.

• Megan Tramel, four-time State Championship Pole Vaulting and Top Scholar.

• Taylor Langston, State Superintendent’s Award for Art Excellence.

• Greg Crawford, Lindie Eubanks, Katie Hilton, Bailey Fields, Nettie Kirby, Emily Knowles and George Sampson, State FFA degree.

All the students graduated in May from Grove High School.

Trumbull also appointed Marty Follis to the unexpired term of Bill Dyer on the Grove Municipal Services Authority Board of Trustees. Follis’ term expires in September.

Jamie Perryman was appointed to Planning and Zoning Board of Trustees to fill the unexpired term of Ben Hampton. That term expires in October.

Also approved was a sales tax incentive agreement with Tulsa Diamond House which was approved by the Grove Economic Development Authority on Monday.

Assistant city manager Debbie Bottoroff said the business opened in April. The council also approved amending the sales tax incentive policy establishing that a new business has six months to apply, she said. 

Other items to be approved were:

• renewal of the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group Workers Compensation plan.

• amending the city’s general budget, capital fund and street and alley fund.

• adoption of the 2018-19 fiscal year city budget.

• approval change order for Parking Lot Improvement project.

The council went into executive session for 40 minutes to discuss pending litigation involving the city and negotiations with the Fraternal Order of Police.

Council members returned to the open meeting and said no action was taken.