Summer baseball is past the mid season point as players in both Northeast Prospects teams continue to hone their skills before the end of baseball season.

Coach Donny Pennington’s 18 and up team is currently sitting 20-5 in their season with a few games left to go.

While not officially affiliated with Grove Public School systems many of the players are Ridgerunners.

This allows those participating to work with different players and compete against different quality teams which can be crucial in developing an upcoming player.

It even allows those who have recently graduated to continue playing before leaving for college.

Five of the players on the 18s Prospects are already committed to play at the collegiate level.

Coach Eric Hunsperger’s team features players only from Grove and are currently 4-5-1 in their season.

Hunsperger’s team is a 17 and under team and consists of a broad range of skillsets.

As with summer softball scores and wins aren’t typically recorded like it would be with the regular season through OSSAA ball.