The Grove Convention and Tourism Board discussed securing an advertising agreement with a Missouri television station to publicize Grove and Grand Lake events.

The discussion came during the Thursday, May 24 meeting. Chairman Jim Corbridge was not present. 

Brent Malone, Grove Convention and Tourism Board executive director, addressed the board about a potential agreement with Joplin television station KSN/KODE. 

“Their whole interest is Grove,” Malone said. “They have never broken through,” referring to the advertising market.

The agreement would help advertise national events coming to Grove and Grand Lake and would also notify the local market, Malone said.

Part of the agreement is in exchange for monthly air time on the Living Well television show, he said.

“They are going to let us come up once a month,” Malone said referring to the television show.

The television station is willing to be a sponsor for the Southern Drag Race Association race and provide in-kind $2,500 in free advertising, he said.

The Southern Drag Race Association event is set for July 7 and 8 at Wolf Creek Park.

The television station covers the four-state area of northeast Oklahoma, northwest Arkansas, southeast Kansas and southeast Missouri.

Donnie Crain, Grove Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, also addressed the board about a decades old billboard setting on Interstate 44 near the Afton exit.

Crain proposed leasing the 12 x 16-foot billboard to the board for $2,400 for a year.

The dilapidated billboard is northeast of the Afton exit facing westbound traffic, Crain said.

“We don’t know how old it is but it will need to be repaired,” Crain said.

The Chamber would take care of the repair costs and the board would provide the signage.

No action was taken after board members asked the item be tabled so they could individually see the billboard and its current condition and location.

Malone also showed the board the kiosk and its ability to transport it to different venues, such as the boat shows.

The hotel/motel tax brought in $9,449.83 in revenue for the month of May for receipts received in March. This was a 16.5 percent increase from the same time last year. To date the motel tax has brought in $107,018.09

In financial information, the board has spent $1,621.43 in salaries; $1,800 in event sponsorship, $200 in contract services $1,250 in marketing and $4,965 in equipment.