Hazel Belle Martin, 102-1/2-years-old, of Grove was recently honored by the Centenarians of Oklahoma for her long-lasting life.

Martin, who will turn 103 in October, and her husband, Arthur, married in 1933. The couple moved to Grove in 1995, and were married for 65 years before his death in 1999.

The couple had 12 children: including Janelle Martin Hestand, and Kay Martin Spence, both of Grove, and Martin Alden Martin, Gary Neal Martin, Zahn Michael Martin, Stephen Spencer Martin, Janeen Martin Spuler, Jackie Martin Cardone, Joan Martin Dixon and Patti Martin Techanchuk, as well as the late John Edward Martin and Quinton Arthur Martin.

In a past interview, Martin said she has learned numerous life lessons, including to "forget the things that hurt" and to "thank the Lord" for her family.

"Faith has been [part] of my life even before I went to school," Martin said.

She also credits her longevity to not smoking and refraining from drinking alcohol.

"I looked and tried to do the right thing," Martin said, also joking that her habit of eating an egg every morning may have helped her reach 100 as well.

One hallmark of her life, Martin said she set a goal to make sure all of her children graduated from college. She said all of her daughters graduated with a college degree. All of her sons attended college,with one finishing his degree. The other sons went into the armed services.

"I taught my children a love for beauty of the outdoors and what God has made for us," Martin said. "Sunsets, flowers, nature, even storms have certain beauty. I taught them not to be afraid of storms and taught them the value of being very active and the value of work."