The Grove City Council will vote this week whether to approve City Manager Bill Keefer’s new employment contract, which includes a three percent raise in July.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15 at the Grove Community Center, Room 5.

The seven-page contract provides for a $500 a month car allowance, $65 a month cell phone allowance, professional and civic dues, retirement, and health insurance.

The contract is for $109,840 and is from June 1 to May 31, 2019. Based on reviews and evaluations, Keefer is eligible for the three percent raise in July, the contract states.

The council approved the new contract wording following a 30 minute executive session on Tuesday, May 1.

At that time, Mayor Ed Trumbull said the council authorized the city attorney to draw up the new contract, with a one year extension.

Other business 

The council will also vote whether to authorize an ordinance and resolution allowing the city to hold a special election on Aug. 28 to extend a current four-tenths of a cent sales tax.

Extending the 20-year sales tax will help pay down the debt associated with the water and wastewater plant. The tax is paying the debt, also for future city needs, like roads. The four-tenths of a percent sale tax is set to expire June 30, 2021.

Council members will also make appointments to the Grove Library Board and re-advertise for the Grove Municipal Services Authority board appointment left vacant when Bill Dyer relocated out of state.

Jan Ditmore requested reappointment to the library board, which expires April 2023.

The council will also vote on bids earmarked to reline the existing sewer lines at the Grove Community Center which includes the Grove City Hall. 

A plat identified as Patricia Island Phase VII-A will be up for discussion and approval. The Grove Planning and Zoning Board approved the plat at the May 10 meeting.

An amended administrative order for a residence located at 131 South Cherokee Street will be voted on. The homeowner, Valerie Vitro, told city officials she misunderstood the court order. The amended order allows until May 21 for the property to be cleaned up.

The council will also go into executive session to discuss the city treasurer’s annual evaluation.