The Ridgerunners high school golf team is sending two of their own to the state golf tournament which is schedule to take place on Monday and Tuesday in Cushing Oklahoma.

Jacoby Riggs and Zach Decker who are both freshman will be representing Grove at the state level.

According to one of the Ridgerunner golf Coaches Jason Geer, “It’s hard to get in to the state competition, in qualifying they only take three teams and then three individuals.”

“These guys put in a lot of time and effort.”

Riggs has been playing a long time starting in the fourth or fifth grade and was forced to take some time off when he fractured his hip in October.

Decker only started playing golf this last year and has shown a strong aptitude for the sporting.

Both students and their parents are really invested in the sport which isn’t cheep to get practice in.

They take lessons from Ryan at Shangri-La and Ileta Bray makes the course available for the students to play in the fall allowing them needed extra practice.

Grove has a golf team that performed well this past year and consists of six boys and only play the best four.