A former Jay police officer and Delaware County bailiff was sentenced on Thursday, April 26, to 14 months in prison for sending sexually suggestive text messages to a then 15-year-old girl.

Kip Jerome Shotpouch, 34, of Jay, tearfully testified saying, “I apologize, I would give everything to take it back.”

He was admonished by Associate Judge Robert E. Reavis, who traveled from Ottawa County to preside over Shotpouch's hearings and plea agreement. 

“I want you to break off any contact with this family,” said Reavis. “You have humiliated and embarrassed them.”

Reavis told Shotpouch the public needs to know people can’t “send nasty pictures” before sentencing the man to a five year sentence, with all but 14 months suspended for lewd or indecent proposals to child under 16.

Shotpouch must serve 85 percent of the 14-month sentence, which is about a year, in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  

He was also fined $1,000 and required to register as a sex offender.

In a second case, driving under the influence, Shotpouch received an additional suspended year to be added to his sentence.

“I should have known the consequences,” Shotpouch said before the sentencing. “I am willing to do anything, out-patient, in-patient – I will do anything.”

Reavis said he believed alcohol was "a huge factor" in Shotpouch's life and decisions.

“You have admitted your wrongdoing,” Reavis said. “You are a smart young man – you have served in law enforcement your rehabilitation potential is high.”

In March, Shotpouch had entered a blind plea before Reavis to the sexual misconduct charge.

Nick Lelecas, Delaware County assistant district attorney, asked for Reavis to sentance Shotpouch to 15 years in jail, only serving five years with 10 years suspended. 

Jason Smith, Shotpouch’s attorney, argued he needed alcohol and sexual addiction treatment, not incarceration.

Shotpouch is currently being held in the Craig County Jail, awaiting transport to DOC custody.  


In April 2016, the teen's mother showed authorities screen shots of text messages where Shotpouch wanted to pick the victim up from behind the county health clinic and take her to his house for sexual activity, according to an arrest affidavit.

Shotpouch began communicating with the victim through a Facebook Messenger app. There is learned the teen's age and used the app to ask sexual questions and said "I always got beer,” the affidavit states.

After being confronted by the victim's mother regarding the texts, Shotpouch apologized saying he was drunk and the texts would cease, the affidavit states.

 Shotpouch resigned from his position as bailiff for Delaware County District Judge Robert Haney and Special Judge Alicia Littlefield in May 2016.