“Bill” William M. Curvat, 64, of Jay, passed away at his home on Monday, April 2, 2018, after battling complications from multiple strokes and diabetes.

Bill was born Aug. 13, 1953 in Tulsa, where he attended parochial and public schools and was involved in Cub Scouts, YMCA, aircraft and car modeling.

The family moved to Grand Lake in 1968, where he helped his father build a shop and a house. While restoring his boat and riding dirt bikes at the chat piles, he maintained a 3.0 GPA and graduated from Grove High School in 1971.

He went on to attend NEO A&M College while spending the summers traveling with the carnival. Bill enjoyed rebuilding and riding motorcycles and traveling.

Bill moved to Florida, where he worked as a hospital orderly and his nursing career found him. There he met Susan, fell in love and married. They moved to Ohio and worked together.

He graduated as a registered nurse, soon after he and Susan welcomed their only daughter, Elizabeth, born in 1977.

The new family came back to Florida, where he excelled at and enjoyed nursing at TGH for over 20 years.

Bill is fondly remembered by staff and friends; he had a genuine care for his patients and was very knowledgeable. He and his daughter spent valuable time together; often attending the Blue Angels and Thunderbird air shows, and just having fun.

In 2003, Bill moved back to Grove, to be a caregiver for his father. After his passing, Bill stayed on at the family home, working as an agency nurse and at various hospitals until his retirement.

Bill had a sharp mind for mechanics and a love of reading, especially about American history. He will be dearly missed by family and friends.

Bill was preceded in death by his parents: Fred and Gloria Curvat.

Bill is survived by his daughter Elizabeth (Curvat) Mattair and her mother Susan Curvat, his sister Mary Curvat, and brothers Tom Curvat and Henry Curvat.

Family and friends will celebrate his life at noon, Saturday, May 5, at the Lee's Grand Lake Resort Rec Hall, 24800 S. 630 Road, Grove.