What fishing guide is the best in their craft? What teacher or boss should be considered as a "person who wows" others?

What business, service or non-profit should be considered the best in its respective field?

It's time once again, for readers to let their opinions be known - it's time to determine who is the best of the best in Grove and around Grand Lake.

This year, rather than doing the traditional ballot printed in the paper, we've gone "green" and made our ballot be online only. It's also a two-part process. The first part, which took place in March, generated the top three to four nominations per category.

The voting period, which began on Monday, gives readers an opportunity to determine which of the top nominations deserve to win the "Best of the Best of Grand Lake" moniker. 

The categories in the contest include Beauty & Health, Clothing, Dining, Entertainment & Leisure, Home, Home Services & Finance, Kids & Education, People & Places, Services, Shopping, Spirits, Sports, Top Employers, and Vehicle Dealers & Services.

The ballot, which lists the top three or four nominations, per category, is now available at http://bit.ly/BestOfBest2018. The ballot will remain open until 10:59 p.m., on Sunday, April 29.

Individuals may submit one registration form, but come back and vote each day throughout the voting period. 

For more information, persons interested may contact Cheryl Franklin, publisher, at 918-786-2228 or cfranklin@gatehousemedia.com.