The Bade people live in Northeast Nigeria and total 308,000 in number. Their home territory is right in Boko Haram’s terror zone.

Boko Haram is the local Islamic terrorists. Most of their Bade dwellings are inside mud-walled compounds and vary in size. Most houses are grass huts with thatched cone-shaped roofs.

The Bade practice a mixture of Animism and Islam. Approximately two percent of the Bade are Christian.

These small numbers of Jesus followers are always on guard for both the Boko Haram, and the Mai Bade, who is a strong Bade leader. He holds much power over the people. Pray this man will become open to the Gospel, allowing the message of Christ to be given to the people.

Bible studies are being recorded in the language of the Bade people, and we can pray there is a good response from those who listen. For the Bade people, it is a delicate balancing walk like all believers have in persecuting countries. We pray these potential new believers will respond, yet be careful how they handle their new understandings.

Let us also pray for the handful of current believers this time of year. May they celebrate Resurrection Sunday with great joy and do so with care for each other and their families.

Pray they will not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Living in a country where hundreds of Christians are slaughtered every year can be nerve-wracking!

Prayers for the entire people group are appreciated. They need adequate rain fall for the crops, better schools, and general safety from the insane terror of Boko Haram. Thanks for your prayers, and God bless you!

Kim Wenzel is a local Open Doors USA ministry representative who speaks in churches and groups about praying for the persecuted church. For more information, persons interested may contact Wenzel at or 918-919-1490. Hear more about the persecuted church at 6 p.m., every Saturday on KWXC 88.9 FM Christian talk radio.