The Ridgerunners tennis team is continuing their season on the road. 

Here are some updates on how they are standing. 

They boys Monday, March 12 placed first in one singles beating Bartlesville, Broken Arrow and Tulsa Union in the finals.

Mason Allen and Kenny Wright placed first in one doubles beating Owasso, Bartlesville and Tulsa Union.

Jeff Crawford and Silas Rosier placed first in two doubles beating Broken Arrow and Owasso after a bye in the first round. 

Collin Rowton placed second in two singles by beating Muskogee, Tulsa Union and losing to Broken Arrow in the finals.

Takoma Tanner placed first in one singles by beating Sand Springs, Owassoo and losing to Tulsa Union in the finals. 

Lacey Kerr and Tessa DuBois placed fourth in one doubles by beating Bartlesville in the first round and losing to Owassoo and Muskogee by injury default.

Erica Elder and Eliza Downing placed first place in two doubles by beating Sand Springs, Broken Arrow and Tulsa Union.

Selena Facio placed third in two singles by beating Muskogee first round then losing to Owasso second round then beating Bartlesville for third place.