I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Holy Trinity, One God. I believe the Holy Spirit is always at work in our lives, even when we don’t realize it.

Those are the times I think God is acting much like a secret agent; working with us and for us in quiet, yet powerful ways. One of these occasions happened to me just a couple of weeks ago.

It was time for me to upgrade my cell phone. The old one had lived its life and I was ready for a more powerful one. The store technician transferred my files, apps, contacts, and such from my old phone to my new one.

When the Contacts came through to the new phone, the numbers came through, but not the names, so the tech tried again. This time the names and numbers came through and matched-up, but there was one Contact that did not come through.

I used to keep a Contact on my phone that was a complete list of all my Usernames and Passwords for every bank account, credit card account, and any on-line account. That Contact did not transfer to my new phone.

I was a bit frustrated by the fact that I now needed to write down all of that information on paper so I could enter it into my new phone, but I didn’t have the time to enter it before going to Kansas City the following day.

While in Kansas City my phone was “scanned” by a hacker. I didn’t know this could be done, but there is a way that these crooks can remotely access your phone and steal your contacts and other information.

Within a day we were seeing the attempts of these crooks to misuse that information. However, due to the difficulty in transferring data from the old phone to the new, the crooks did not get the most valuable information they might have.

It was then that I realized how the Holy Spirit had protected me, even when I had no clue. We have since changed all of our passwords and I will not be putting that information on my new phone after all.

The frustration I had felt when the transfer didn’t work was quickly replaced by a feeling of comfort and safety, knowing that the secret agent of the Holy Spirit is protecting me. In the future, rather than getting frustrated, I will simply say, “I am waiting to see what you are doing Lord.”

I wonder how often we are protected, healed, and guided in ways too subtle for us to notice. The work of the Holy Spirit does not have to be loud and dramatic. God doesn’t need to blow a trumpet to announce that we are being helped; God doesn’t need cheap glory.

What God asks of us is devotion. When we are devoted to the Kingdom of God, we can experience a calm confidence knowing that God has our back.

Blessings and Peace to You All,

Fr. David+

Rev. Dr. David Bridges is the pastor at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Grove. He can be reached at frdavid@standrewsgrove.org. St. Andrew's worship service is at 10 a.m., every Sunday, and broadcast on KWXC 88.9 FM at noon on Thursdays and at 5 p.m. on Saturdays.