Delaware County 4-H and FFA members took part in the multi-day Delaware County Spring Livestock Show, Feb. 28 to March 3, at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

Here are the results:

Beef Cattle

• Heifers

Grand Champion - Kord Butler

Reserve Grand Champion - Calebe Holcombe

Angus - Addy Zellow, champion, Rylee Caswell, reserve

Charolais - Seller Lane, champion, Addy Zellow, reserve

Chianina - Paytin Crittenden, champion

Limousin - Kord Butler, champion, Ali Getz, reserve

Maine-Anjou - Kristopher Daughtery, champion, Jonathan Daughtery, reserve

Red Angus - Kash Butler, champion

Shorthorn - Caleb Holcombe, champion, Hannah Dozier, reserve

Commercial - Caleb Holcombe, champion, Chad Kendrick, rserve.

• Steers

Grand Champion - Rayker Johnston

Reserve Grand Champion - Greg Crawford

• Overall awards

Bred & Owned - Rayker Johnston

Rate of Gain - Bailey Phillips and Toby Johnson

Junior Showmanship - Addy Zellow

Intermediate Showmanship - Ali Getz

Senior Showmanship - Emily Knowles


Grand Champion - Mattie Haynes

Reserve Grand Champion - Mia McCool

• Overall awards

Bred & Owned - Maci McCool

Junior Showmanship - Maci McCool

Intermediate Showmanship - Lila Sherman

Senior Showmanship - Mattie Haynes


Grand Champion - Mattie Haynes

Reserve Grand Champion - Mattie Haynes

Hamp - Emily Jech, champion, Jolene Roberts, reserve

Natural - Mattie Haynes, champion, Brooke Johnson, reserve

Speckle - Thomas Benedict, champion

Suffolk - Brooke Johnson, champion, Clynton Phillips, reserve

Cross - Mattie Haynes, champion, Thomas Benedict reserve.

• Overall awards

Bred & Owned - Emily Jech

Junior Showmanship - Jolene Roberts

Intermediate Showmanship - Emily Jech

Senior Showmanship - Mattie Haynes


Grand Champion - Marisa Rowe

Reserve Grand Champion - Mattie Haynes

Berk - Marisa Rowe, champion, Cody Whitlock, reserve

Chester - Madyson Hancock, champion, Sawyer Lane, reserve

Doroc - Bailey Fields, champion, Eli Hicks, reserve

Hamp - Mattie Haynes, champion, McKay Johnson, reserve

Poland - Morgan Shawver, champion

Spot - Nathan Butler, champion, Kaylee Ames, reserve

York - Landon Baker, champion, Rayker Johnston, reserve

Cross - Marisa Rowe, champion, Mattie Haynes, reserve

• Overall awards

Bred & Owned - Kaitlyn Fields

Junior Showmanship - Cody Whitlock

Intermediate Showmanship - Cooper Frazier

Senior Showmanship - Marisa Rowe