JAY — A Delaware County jury convicted a Tulsa woman of manslaughter on Wednesday, Feb. 14, and recommended she serve a life sentence in the death of Amberly Ruth Bradley in a head-on collision.

Samantha Ann Perales, 42, was also convicted of possession of a controlled dangerous substance — methamphetamine, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and driving without a valid driver's license.

The jury recommend 10 years for the drug possession, one year for the paraphernalia possession and 30 days on the driver's license offense.

Delaware County District Attorney Kenny Wright said Perales would be sentenced April 6.

"I think a life sentence is very fitting for the crime," Wright said after the jury returned a guilty verdict.

Bradley, 36, was killed April 12, 2015 in a head-on collision. Her family said in a 2015 email that she left two children, one of those is special needs child who is blind with cerebral palsy

"A syringe full of meth was found (in Perales' pickup) and her blood sample tested positive for meth," Wright said.

The trial began Monday, Feb. 12, and 11 witnesses testified for the state.

Perales did not take the stand and the defense called no witnesses, Wright said.

The 5-men, 7-woman jury deliberated one hour and 20 minutes.

Leslie Heth, a retired school teacher, testified she was driving south on U.S. 59 and was following Perales’ automobile as it weaved back and forth and repeatedly crossing over the center line, and witnessed the wreck according to Wright.

Wright said Heth testified Perales was driving erratically.

Perales was driving around 50 mph and then would speed up to 65 mph and then drop her speed to 50 mph, Wright said.

Heth attempted to pass Perales but slowed down and stayed behind her vehicle

after Perales' vehicle moved into her lane, she testified according to Wright.

Heth began pulling the children out of the wreckage but she did make eye contact with the young Bartlesville mother before she died at the scene trapped her her vehicle, Wright said.

One child sustained a broken jaw, Wright said.

The crash happened about two miles north of Kansas, when her Perales' pickup crossed the center line on a curve and struck Bradley’s vehicle, according to a probable cause affidavit.