Members of the Jay High School Special Olympics teams brought home the gold and bronze medals during recent statewide competition in Oklahoma City.

Jay high school recently sent two teams to compete in the special Olympics in Oklahoma City on Jan. 11 till the 13.

School officials sent two teams, Black and Gold, to the competition, Jan. 11 to 13, to compete in volleyball.

The Gold team brought home the gold medal after competing in Level 2 volleyball in Norman just south of Oklahoma City.

The Black team earned the bronze medal in Level 1 volleyball.

These were the first medals for both teams. 

Morgan Martin competed in the individual style competition and brought home the gold medal.

Level 2 is considered a traditional form of volleyball with the standard rules and balls in play, while Level 1 utilizes the standard rules but incorporates a larger sized ball.

The program, supervised by Kyle Mather, is designed to encourage the students to take charge and succeed on their own.

“I make the students do everything from competition entry to booking their own hotels,” said Mather.

The team prepared for the competition by practicing against each other at the start of the school year to hone their skills before traveling out to Oklahoma City together in the school bus.

Arriving on Thursday, Jan. 11 students got checked into their hotels, sharing four per room, and headed off for a little fun before their games.

Hitting up an arcade called Main Event the students had a chance to relax and blow off some steam.

The first night included the arcade, laser tag and even a gravity rope before returning to the hotel for some late-night swimming.

The competition started for the Gold team at 10 a.m., on Friday morning and saw the team participating in six games over the course of the event.

The Black team played their first match in the evening and faced a number of teams.

When asked about their favorite part of the weekend most enjoyed the arcade and chance to see the city.

“I liked the pizza a lot,” said Kellie Denny.

For many of the students, it was their first time to compete on such a level an be able to take home the trophy, which is being shared as a significant milestone.

The team even handled their public relations after the event with Tucker Aiken taking on the role of student reporter.

Aiken reached out to the Delaware County Journal and handled the press release and interviews with the team members.