Flipping houses for a living, Amy Pendergraft Dolan said it's not unusual for workers to find items left behind by the home's former occupants.

Typically those objects include money or jewels or even photo albums.

But recently, the former Grove woman, made a surprise discovery in a home she and husband Curtis are "flipping" in Tulsa.

They found a box of cremated remains.

The box, marked "Arnold Harris, Grove, Oklahoma," appears to have come from the Funeral Services of Grove, Oklahoma, now known as Lawson's Funeral Services.

The box was discovered on the shelf of a spare bedroom.

From what Doian has pieced together, she believes the bedroom was used by the caretaker who cared of the home's former owner, Brenda Haney.

Dolan said while Haney is still living, she has severe dementia. Other family members contacted, including her sister, do not know who once took care of the ashes.

"We think the ashes may have belonged to a family member or friend of one of the people who took care [of Haney] during her last year there," Dolan said. "We know she had a caretaker living with her for quite a while just prior to her foreclosure."

Dolan has contacted officials at Lawson's Funeral Home. As of this weekend, those efforts had not turned up additional leads.

On Friday,Dolan turned to social media - primarily Facebook - to see if any of her Grove-area friends could solve the mystery behind the ashes.

"Since he was cremated in Grove, we thought he might have lived there at some point or maybe have family there," Dolan said.

Dolan, a 1988 graduate of Grove High School, now resides in Broken Arrow.

"We bought the house through the Tulsa Sheriff's auction," Dolan said. "I think we actually bought the home in July and we know people were living there up until a week before we took possession of the home. We just didn't start working on it for several months."

Dolan said through their business, Dolan Realty Group, the couple buy, remodel and resell numerous homes. 

"People generally take most of the valuables before they leave," Dolan said. "In other homes we have found jewelry, guns and the occasional stash of cash.

"Sadly, what we find most often are wedding albums. Those are hard to just throw away."

Dolan said the couple try to hang onto items for a while, in case someone comes back to the home.

"We have only had one family member ever show up [at our current house] and she didn't want the wedding albums," Dolan said. "So sadly, they are usually thrown away."

Dolan said she hopes to find someone connected to the ashes.

"I really just want to get the ashes back to someone who cares for this person," Dolan said. "It just seems sad to me that someone's ashes are sitting unclaimed when they could be with someone who knew and loved this person."

If she's unable to find the person's family, Dolan said a friend has offered to keep them at a funeral home for the near future.

"My dad passed away last year and he was cremated," Dolan said. "it would make me sad to think that he was left somewhere and someone might be missing him."

Those with information concerning the ashes, persons interested may contact Dolan at 918-845-1200 or contact her at amydolan@cbtulsa.com.