The Ridgerunners lost to the Coweta Zebras at home on Friday, Jan. 12, in a 47-58 defeat.

Coweta entered this game with 9-1 recording, heavily favored over Grove with their only loss coming from Springdale, Arkansas, in the Siloam Springs (Arkansas) Tournament held during the 2017 winter break.

The boys took the initial lead with a three-point shot from Wrangler Beal but quickly lost the lead as the Tigers quickly took off on the score charts.

By the end of the first quarter of play Grove was trailing 8-17 in what was looking to be another very physical game.

The Tigers continued to pressure the Ridgerunners continuing to outscore them in the second quarter.

The Ridgerunners left the first half of play trailing the Tigers 19-34.

It was during the second half of play that the Ridgerunners were able to find their rhythm and close the score gap.

The third quarter of play as the strongest showing of the night for the boys who scored 11 to Coweta’s five.

By the end of the third quarter the boys trailed 30-39 and while they played their best quarter during the fourth quarter scoring 19 points they were unable to close the gap against Coweta.

Beal led the night in scoring for the Ridgerunners brining in 16 points for the boys with two dropping from beyond the arch and shooting 2/2 at the line.

Both Davis Dills and Jeff Crawford score nine points for the team with Crawford shooting all of his beyond the arch.

For the second game in a row the boys have reversed their prebreak trend of lower scores in the second half of play.

With focus on conditioning taking place over the break by Coach Zach Trimble the boys have faced two tough opponents in recent matchups.

Coweta was able to put pressure on the Ridgerunners to take shots that they would normally not forcing the overall percentages down for the boys.

The effective field goal or eFG which takes into effect the three and two point shots made and weights them accordingly was much lower for the boys against Coweta averaging 32.7 percent.

Their season average after the Coweta game dropped to 45.5 for the eFG.

Despite the pressure the boys where able to improve on their free throw percentage in which they made 72.2 percent of the shots provided to them.

Their season average in comparison is 55.6 percent at the line.

Of note for the game against Coweta was the number of steals made by the Ridgerunners coming in at 11 for the night with Chat Hayes starting the trend early in the game by getting the first steal for his team.

With the game against Glenpool postponed due to school closures the boys will play their next game at 4:30 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 16 against Tulsa Will Rogers in the Northeast Oklahoma A&M tournament in Miami.