The Ridgerunners lost at Claremore to the Zebras 50-62 in a difficult first game back from the Christmas break Tuesday Jan 9.

The boys had a difficult start to the game having their only non-scoring quarter of the season trailing 0-13 by the end.

By the close of the first half of play the Ridgerunners were behind the Zebras 14-32 heading into the break.

“We didn’t make any changes at the half just talked about calming down and hitting shots that we normally do," said head coach Zach Trimble. "Keep playing hard and our shots will eventually fall.

“First quarter we go good shots and got the ball where we wanted to, [it was] just one of those nights where they wouldn’t fall.”

The Ridgerunners returned from the break and worked to close the gap taken by the Zebras in the first half out scoring the zebra by two in the third quarter closing out trailing 32-48.

Grove continued the momentum in the fourth quarter gaining an additional four points on the Zebras but despite the exceptional second half of play it wasn’t enough to pull out a win.

The lose on the road at Claremore puts the Ridgerunners at 4-4 for their season.

Davis Dills had his best game of the season so far scoring 19 points for the night and shooting 1/3 at the line.

Both Jeff Crawford and Chat Hayes put nine points on the board for the Ridgerunners followed by Zane Knox with eight and Colin Rowton with 2.

The Ridgerunners changed up their defense in preparation for playing the Zebras shifting from more of a zone defense to working on man to man coverage.

The team practiced these changes in their scrimmage against Wyandotte prior to returning from their break.

“The defensive changes we made for Claremore did help us," Trimble said. "I think it kept them off balance at times and allowed us to get back in the game in the second half."

The Ridgerunners face off against Coweta Friday Jan. 12 after the Lady Ridgerunners game.

Currently Coweta coached by Scott Norris is 9-1 in their season having lost to Springdale, Arkansas in the Siloam Springs Tournament.

“Coweta is another team that is very well coached and solid every year,” said Trimble. “Our guys will be prepared and know it will be a battle.”

The Ridgerunners will play at least two games a week and one additional tournament until district play currently scheduled to start Feb 16.

Not even half way finished with their season there are a still plenty of games left for the Ridgerunners to continue to work out any offensive and defensive changes before going into districts.