When I worked in children's and youth ministry, I often told my students "it takes three nice things to make up for one not so nice thing."

What was true for them, is true in life. It takes hearing nice things, over and over again, in order to push through the bleak days of life.

So with that in mind, today we debut a new column of sorts. We're calling it Readers Kudos. 

It's designed to highlight smaller items - which are good news - but either warrant a full story, or are just brief "happy things" designed to make readers feel good about life in Grove/Delaware County.

We got the idea last month, as people submitted things for the Sunny Superhero honors. A few things - like the anonymous folks at Harps who helped Bonnie Durbin when she locked her keys in the car, or the unknown person who helped an older resident get a new battery for her car - needed a platform to be told.

This, we hope, will become that platform. A place to share good news or the "happies" in life, with our readers.

Thankful for donations

This week's Kudos comes submitted by the folks at Salon Envy and Honey Creek Landing in Grove. 

They were the folks who helped organize the Christmas Tree for Kids, the tree they used for the second year in a row, to collect items for children in need.

Mary Ann Cunningham and others wanted to thank people for taking part in "Making Christmas so bright for kids in need."

Salon Envy and Honey Creek Landing Marina officials would like to say a big thank you to each and everyone that helped us make it possible for 29 of our local children to have a much brighter Christmas. Each child received at least one toy and one new outfit. 

We look forward to our growing tradition each and every year.  Thanks to everyone of you that made this possible. May God Bless each and every one of you.

- Mary Ann Cunningham, Debra Weaver, Sayward Stout, April Cummings, Raymond Glass and last, but not least, Pete Norwood.

Spreading birthday cheer

Officials at Cayuga-Splitlog Mission are hostinga card shower for the church's matriarch, Dorothy Scearcy, who turns 90 years "young" on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

Her family - and the church members - have asked people to flood her mailbox with birthday cards, to send her some cheer.

Her address is Dorothy Scearcy, 64511 E. 256th Place, Grove, OK 74344.

Have an idea for the kudos column? Have a happy to share with the Grove Sun readership? Send items by email to khutson@grovesun.com or call 918-786-2228. The kudos column will run in the Friday issues of The Grove Sun.