Practice was back in full swing as the Ridgerunners worked on their conditioning this last week in preparation for their Jan. 9 game at Claremore.

The girls and boy’s teams both held practice Thursday and Friday this last week rotating Gym access.

Lady Ridgerunners

The girls took the chance to scrimmage each other playing multiple 10-minute sessions on the court to work on their endurance and conditioning.

It will be a full three weeks since their last game against Pryor in which the girls won a resounding victory of 59-44.

“Traditionally Claremore is one of the tougher teams to play against, but they lost to Pryor who we beat this year,” said Coach Richard Bassett.

Claremore played in the Siloam Springs tournament over the break which consisted of three games running from Dec. 28 to Dec. 30.

The Claremore girls went 1-2 for the series and are currently sitting 4-5 in their season.

“There really are two basketball seasons, before the break and after the break,” said Bassett.

The girls work on conditioning drills and will play against the JV teams over the break to try and make up for the lack of a regular season game or scrimmage.

For the first half of the season Macee Barnes is showing off her skills at making buckets leading the team in two pointer and free throw percentage.

Barnes is dropping 58.2 percent of her two-point field goal shots or 2FG in the net and is shooting 78.6 percent at the line for girls.

Ava Sarwinski does have a higher 2FG at 60 percent but doesn’t have as many attempted shots.

This does make Sarwinski who is a freshman a player to watch as she continues to hone her skill set over the season.

Rory Geer comes in behind Barnes with 56.7 percent 2FG however Geer is leading the team with three-point field goals or 3FG by shooting 38.1 percent.

Having the balance with the two players shooting strong inside and outside the arch is a huge benefit for the girls.

Geer is also shooting 70 percent at the line which like Barnes is on par with many college teams.

Of significant note is Madyson Kraft who has yet to miss a free throw this season giving her a rare 100 percent.

Cheyenne Tanner is leading the team in offensive rebounds followed by Barnes who leads in defensive rebounds.

With the first game after the break being an away game the girls will have to come out strong against Claremore in order to continue their six-game winning streak before playing Coweta at home Friday.


The boys are doing all they can to prepare for their upcoming game against Claremore.

“Thursday (Jan. 4) we worked on some defensive changes we are going to try and use against Claremore,” said Coach Zach Trimble. “Friday, we scrimmaged Wyandotte which allowed us to work on the new changes in live action.”

“Claremore is very difficult to prepare form they are well coached and have one of the best players in the state, Layton Hartloff.

“He is 6’8 and leading the entire state in points and rebounds last I saw.”

Claremore coached by Tommy Nolan is currently 5-4 having lost to Coweta 56-60 and beating Pryor 78-70 who both play against Grove.

Grove lost their game against Pryor before the Christmas break in a close finish 53-56.

“As far as going forward we are now into the meat of our season and everything is a quick turnaround.”

“After preparing and playing one team, we have to immediately get ready for someone else," Trimble said. "Kids have to stay focused and prepared and it’s my job to help them with that."

Out of the six players on the boy’s team who have played at least seven games Wrangler Beal is leading in 2FG putting 54.3 percent of his shots in the net.

Jeff Crawford, Zane Knox and Chat Hayes are all shooting close to 45 percent 2FG, listed in order of highest to lowest.

Hayes is leading the team in three-point shots dropping a high 50 percent 3FG.

From the free throw line Crawford is shooting 71.4 percent followed by Hayes at 65 percent with both players shooting within the average for many college teams.

As far as leading the team in points against the average time played Hayes is showing an average of over 12 points per game.

After their game against Claremore the boys will turn around and play Coweta who is currently listed as 8-1 in their season having lost their first game over the break to Springdale in the Siloam Springs Tournament.