Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - four buzz words commonly known as STEM. 

Together, they represent the newest activities at the Grove Public Library, for students of all ages.

On Dec. 20, members of the library staff hosted a STEM lab for students, using a Christmas theme in order to teach them concepts from the four fields. 

Kelsey Gourd, who recently joined the Grove Library team as the new youth librarian, spearheaded the event.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Gourd earned her master's degree in library and information services.

She spent five years in Norman as a school librarian and previously was a teacher.

During the recent STEM lab, Gourd helped students learn how to create an electric circuit to light up a Gingerbread Village.

Students were given a brown bag, decoration supplies, with copper wire, battery and a light.

Gourd instructed them on how to create a proper circuit to allow electricity to flow and energize the light.

LeeAnn Holt came with her 7-year-old granddaughter Jurni.   

Holt read about the event and attended because she thought the event sounded like fun.  

Gourd hopes to increase the youth-related programs offered by the Grove Library staff.

She plans to continue story time and add new events such as video production, robotics, maker’s space, stop motion animation, 3D printing and using a green screen for video productions.

The programs offered by Gourd will be tailored to instruct both young children and teenagers. Most of the library's activites are listed online on its website or on its Facebook page.