As Ashely Bush approached the month of December, the mom of six, knew what would be the most important part of this Christmas season.

Making memories with her children and step-children.

This year's moments to cherish, were even more important, after Bush's 23-day-old daughter, Ivie Marjorie Bush, died in June from appendicitis.

"I wanted to find more things we could do as a family," Bush said. "Not just for my toddlers but for all of my kids."

Bush said she started looking around the area, for events which could span generations. She began to realize the options were limited.

With that in mind, Bush placed a note on social media, asking if any community organizations were interested in partnering together to create a family-friendly event.

Enter Becky Roberts, community leader for the Jay 4-H Club.

Roberts saw the post, and immediately volunteered. She saw it as a way to not only serve the community, but also give her 4-Hers a hands-on service project.

"Part of 4-H is being a good leader and learning to be a steward to the community," Roberts said. "It's also a good project for the record books, which 4-Hers have to do every year."

Approximately six students helped with the event - doing everything from setting up the work stations, developing games and making the salt flour dough ornaments for painting.

They also practiced each craft the night before, so they could provide assistance for the younger students in attendance.

"I hope they learn how to give back to the community, and also how to be in service with each other," Roberts said. "I also hope they learn Christmas is about giving back."

As she watched the games and crafts unfold on Saturday, Dec. 16, at the Delaware County Fairgrounds, Bush just smiled.

She hopes the event will grow, and become an annual tradition for area families.

"After Ivie died, it didn't feel like there was a lot of good in the world," Bush said. "There's not as many people helping other people. I was raised to help my neighbors. 

"This [event] is where some kids can have fun."