A Republican candidate for Oklahoma Governor will visit Grove this week, as part of a multi-stop swing through northeast Oklahoma.

On Friday, Dec. 15, Mick Cornett (R-Oklahoma City) plans to stop at 1909 in Grove at 10:30 a.m., for a "meet and greet" with constituents. 

"I want to listen, learn and lead," Cornett said. "I'm sure people have ideas and concerns they want to share."

The visit comes in conjunction to similar stops scheduled for Bartlesville, Nowata and Pryor. 

More about Cornett

Cornett, who reportedly is the "longest-serving mayor among the nation's 50 largest cities," has served as the Oklahoma City mayor for the past 14 years. He announced earlier this year his desire to seek election as the state's governor.

Cornett said as a fifth-generation Oklahoman, he wants to seek the governor's office as a way to help his state and to stop the "self destructing nature" which seems present in the state capitol.

"I hope to be an outsider and go in with new ideas on how to make the state work," Cornett said, adding if elected, he plans to use a team approach to government similar to the style he's used in Oklahoma City governement.

He said people are going to have to find "common ground" in order to do positive things for the state, adding it means that competitions between "urban vs. rural, Oklahoma City vs. Tulsa, Republican vs. Republican, Republican vs. Democrat and House vs. Senate" will need to end.

"At some point, we must work for Oklahomans," Cornett said. "Oklahoma needs to come first ,before party, politics or cliques. What is in the best interest of Oklahoma is what needs to rule today."

Cornett said he believes his background as a broadcast journalist and as someone who has worked in the business world, as well as his experience as mayor, will provide him with the tools needed to be the next governor.  

If elected governor, Cornett said he plans to place a higher emphasis on education and health care, saying those issues impact a core portion of Oklahomans in the greatest need.

"I've seen a lot and done a lot," Cornett said. "I will bring a different perspective to the state I love so much."

Cornett is married to Terri (Walker) Cornett, a former resident of Welch, and has three sons.

One thing with Cornett

One person who inspires you

Lincoln, Reagan and Gingrich. Because they all showed courage, communication and leadership.

One book that's stuck with you

I love Oklahoma history and biographies. I recently finished books about David Boren and Henry Bellmon and am reading one now about George Nigh.

One thing that might surprise people

I'm a fifth generation Oklahoman, but the first generation not to be a wheat farmer. I come from a long line of people in agriculture. I'm the first to grow up in the city, but I have a strong agricultural perspective from talking with my parents, my cousins and the people I meet along the way.

One thing you can't live without

My wife, the former FFA Sweetheart of Craig County. She's a very successful businesswoman and makes this race worthwhile because we're doing it together.

One piece of advice that's stuck with you

Work hard and dream big.

My family didn't have a whole lot of money. But I learned a tremendous work ethic from my parents. As an adult I never had a sick day and I don't ever remember my parents taking a sick day. Some of that is genetic and some of it is luck, but they taught me I was expected to work hard every day.

You need to dream and aspire to reach your potential. I don't think most of us know our potential, unless we keep pushing and pushing.