he following items were filed Nov. 20 to 22 in Delaware County District Court. Information was obtained through the Oklahoma District Court Records website. 


Colten Barnett, fourth-degree arson

Tige Marvin Browning, embezzlement of rental property

James William Cunningham, failure to register as sex offender (after former conviction of a felony)

Amanda Leigh Lessley, distribution of controlled dangerous substance, including possession with intent to distribute

Brandon Bluebird Radford, second-degree burglary

Jessie Ray Reyelts, possession of contraband by an inmate

Dakota Still, bringing contraband into jail/penal institution (after former conviction of a felony. 


Josaia Andres, public intoxication

Dusty Lee Bailey, obtaining merchandise by means of bogus check

Kaylen Buzzard, fail to comply with compulsory insurance law

Gregory Crittenden, driving under the influence of drugs

Matthew Donovan, carrying weapons

Reipin Elimo, public intoxication

Julia Fuller, driving without a drivers license

Melanie Rose Houchin, fail to comply with compulsory insurance law

Clayton Kitch, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

Amanda Kathleen Laipple, cause, aid, abet or encourage minor child to become deprived

Levi Johnson, domestic abuse – assault and battery

Thompson Muritok, public intoxication

Robert Odell Manes, driving while suspended, cancelled, revoked

Liwis Renuk, driving under the influence of alcohol

Anthony Lavon Ruede, domestic abuse – assault and battery

Preston Nelson Smith, fail to comply with compulsory insurance law

Stephen Smith, permitting invitees under 21 to possess consume alcohol or controlled dangerous substance

Lawrence Weldon, protective order violation

Craig Steffen, fail to comply with compulsory insurance law

Zachary Quinn Vandenberg, malicious injury to property, under $1,000

Rose Tamburri-Mancione, permitting invitees under 21 to possess consume alcohol or controlled dangerous substance

Johnny Lee Williams, driving while suspended, cancelled, revoked 

Marriage Licenses

Chad Aron Murphy and Sarah Michelle Cousins

David Allan Miller and Saundra Sue Gordineer

Danny Vervynck and Christy King 

Divorces/Family Court

Robert Emery Allen vs. Kimberley Michelle Allen, divorce

Tracy Bowzer vs. Scott Bowzer, divorce

Nicole Goad vs. Chris Goad 

Protective Orders

Joshua Nichols Newkirk vs. Cortney Marie Barker

Carol Alice Nofire vs. Dakota Feather

Tina R. Lance vs. Joe S. Lane

Tracy Dawn Pilkington vs. Larry Lunsford 

Civil Suits

Americicredit Financial Services vs. Kathryn Castaldo, money judgment under $10,000

Spinnaker Point Estates Association vs. John Main and Lea Wolfe, foreclosure

Barclays Bank Delaware vs. Sara Smith, money judgment under $10,000

H & R Accounts Inc. vs. Chandler Calhoon, money judgment under $10,000

Capital One Bank vs. Bonita Reed, money judgment under $10,000

Tinker Federal Credit Union vs. Donald and Dawn Clark, money judgment over $10,000

Mayes County HMA vs. Bert Deere, money judgment under $10,000

Brandon Edwards vs. Danyelle Snow, money judgment over $10,000

Corner Stone Bank vs. Huff Trucking, LLC, money judgment over $10,000

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Jennifer Roots, money judgment under $10,000 

Small Claims

Speedys No. 4 vs. Kenny Jones, money judgment under $5,000

The First National Bank vs. Tylor Shambles, money judgment under $5,000 


Scott and Lisa Pendergraft, title

Wilma Lucille Smith, quiet title