What began as a Christmas miracle last year, has begun a new tradition in Grove for one local hair salon.

The Christmas Tree for Kids, began last year when at least one or more Secret Santa left items on the tree in front of Salon Envy in the overnight hours of Dec. 21.

The next morning, workers discovered a tree outside the salon filled with clothes, toys, hats, gloves and blankets.

Those items, eventually found their way to help five families living within Delaware County, through the help of volunteers from DCCSAN, DHS and ROCMND Area Youth Services.

This year, Mary Ann Cunningham and Debi Weaver, co-owners of the salon, hope to recreate some of the Christmas magic, this time with a goal of helping at least 10 families in need.

"We still don't know who started it," Cunningham said, as she recalled finding the items on the tree. "We just came in one morning and were like 'what's this'." 

So from now until Saturday, Dec. 23, Cunningham and Weaver hope people will bring new items - ranging from toys, hats, gloves, children's shoes, children's clothing or blankets - and decorate the tree.

Each evening, before the close of the business day, the pair will "undecorated" the tree and collect the items for distribution.

On Dec. 23, the women plan to spend the day wrapping presents and delivering them to families in need.

They hope to work with officials to identify potential families living within the Grove or Turkey Ford school districts. Once those needs are met, they plan to expand to other areas within the county.

Cunningham hopes people will donate "anything that a child might want for Christmas."

"Every kid needs clothes, but every little kid needs at least one toy of some kind for Christmas," Cunningham said. "I remember it didn't feel like Christmas until I unwrapped a toy."

The pair say their goal by "un-decorating" the tree each day, is deter potential theft. It also reduces issues regarding the items and the possibility of damage due to inclement weather. 

They plan to track the many donations on the salon's Facebook page @salonenvygrove, so people can see what has been donated.

"I don't have kids, but I love kids," Cunningham said. "It just breaks my heart around the holidays when there are kids who don't have any Christmas.

"I guess I'm soft-hearted. I would rather do without myself, in order for a child to have Christmas.

"If this [helps] some kid have a Merry Christmas, that's the least I can do. I can put up the Christmas tree."