The Delaware County Commissioners approved a request on Monday, Oct. 16 allowing members of the Jay Chamber of Commerce to decorate the county courthouse and Jay Community Center with Christmas lights.

The Christmas lighting ceremony, an annual event on the courthouse square, will take place at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 29, in Jay.

“We appreciate the approval,” said Johnnie Earp said.

In financial business, the commissioners received one bid from Deep South for $210,810 for a new 2000-Gallon Tanker Truck for the Leach Fire Department.

“It (the bid) is a lease purchase and there is $110,000 down payment,” said Doug Smith, County Commissioner chairman.

The bid was turned over to the Leach Fire Department for their approval.

The commissioners also approved a $1,620 invoice by the Craig County Sheriff’s Department for housing two inmates for 30 days, a $750.75 invoice by the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau, a $881.95 invoice by the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs and a $725 invoice by the Craig County Regional Detention Center for the month of September.

Also approved was a $20 bid by Loretta Keener for Flint Ridge RV Park 2 property not sold at a re-sale and to transfer $40,000 from the Grove Fire Department maintenance and operations account to the capital outlay account. The approval is subject to a signature on the request, Smith said.

After the meeting, Smith said the federal lawsuit involving Christopher and Claire White had been dropped.

“We received notice from their attorneys about two weeks ago,” Smith said.

There was no reasons stated in the letter as to why the White’s dropped the civil case, he said.

In the case filed in the Northern District of Oklahoma in Tulsa, the couple was seeking over $1.5 million in damages after they were charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty based on a search warrant filed by a former Delaware County Sheriff’s deputy Sean Meador.

Those charges dropped after Meador admitted to making false statements on a search warrant in another animal cruelty case.

The next meeting is 9 a.m., Monday, Oct. 23 at the Delaware County Courthouse in the Commissioners’ Public Meeting room.