Grove Ridgerunner football lost to Oologah Mustangs 0-42 on Friday, Oct. 7, placing them 0-3 in district play and 0-6 for the season.

The Ridgerunners stayed in the game during the first quarter after only allowing one touchdown by Mustang running back Gunter Pearson to bring the score 7-0 Mustangs.

The second quarter brought an additional touchdown by Pearson four seconds into the quarter.

The Ridgerunners held off the Mustangs for most of the remaining quarter until a touchdown with 38.9 seconds on the clock.

The Ridgerunners responded by bringing the ball to the one yard line with 11 seconds remaining in the half.

A quarterback sneak brought the ball the six inch mark and a time out was called on the play.

“The guys told me they could get the ball in with another quarterback sneak," Culwell said.

However the ball was fumbled and picked up by Oologah for a 99 yard touchdown bringing the game to 28-0 in favor of the Mustangs.

Running back Pearson scored two more touchdowns in the third quarter to place them in a solid lead of 42-0 over the Ridgerunners.

Davis Dills made 18 rushes for a total of 57 yards followed by Nick Estrada for 36 yards, Kadian Forbis for 16 yards, Josh Carillo for nine and Andrew Lucky with one.

During the game Dills had 16 passing attempts with six completions for a total of 72 yards.

Davy Jackson came in at the top for pass receptions with 37 yards followed by Matt Amos for 19 yards.

“I’m Proud of our kids they had a good attitude the whole time and played hard," Culwell said. "Davis did ok, doing the best he can and was the leading rusher. Oologah has a good defense they are big and physical and we moved the ball against them.

“We have to learn to tackle big guys, you can’t tackle them at the chest you got to get their legs. We are going to keep working and keep believing.”

Grove Ridgerunner football will be away at Tulsa McLain for their next game at 7 p.m., Friday, Oct. 13.