Fifth hour on Friday, Sept. 22, began like any other day for Shelby Smith.

The 16-year-old Grove sophomore was talking and joking with friends before her science class taught by Angie Pennington.

Smith said she took a peppermint out of her mouth, to take a drink from her water bottle.

Without thinking, she put the mint back in her mouth, just as she took a deep breath.

It was then the peppermint became lodged in her throat.

Smith said she walked up to Pennington's desk, with water coming out of her mouth and nose.

At first, Pennington thought Smith was simply getting sick, reaching to give her the trash can.

"Everyone was everywhere," Pennington said describing the scene in her room. "It was organized chaos."

When the Pennington realized Smith was choking, she took her out into the hallway - yelling at students Bailey Pittman and Lacey Rowe to go for help.

Smith said she knows Pennington performed the heimlich maneuver on her, but said as her teacher's arms encircled her waist, she passed out.  

Pennington said she performed the heimlich maneuver twice before Smith began breathing again.

"Afterwards, without the adrenaline rush, is when it got scary," Pennington said, saying this was the first time she's used the procedure in a "real life" situation, outside of training scenarios at the high school. 

After she came to, Smith was taken to INTEGRIS Grove Hospital emergency room, to be checked out by local doctors.

It was there, after a few x-rays, doctors determined the mint had dislodged and successfully passed out of her throat. 

She eventually returned back to school for her things - and to hug Pennington and give her a gift card to Rancho - before going home for the rest of the day.

Her parents, Matt and MeKayla Smith, sent Pennington flowers the following Monday, as a show of gratitude for her actions.

Later that night, Smith said she returned to work at the newly opened Mulligans Restaurant at the Patricia Island Country Club. 

For Pennington, the situation will most likely mean she will not forget Smith, joking the moment is etched in her memory.

For Smith, in addition to being grateful, she has learned to be careful when eating mints.