Exhibitors work hard each year to show their animals at the Tulsa State Fair.

While one big finish can mean a great show career to most exhibitors, Jay senior Mattie Haynes had a dream finish, coming out on top in not one but two events.

In the sheep shows, Haynes won supreme ewe overall and brought home reserve showman overall with her market lamb. In the swine show she had supreme gilt overall.

“To say I feel very blessed at this point is an understatement,” said Haynes. “I feel very, very humbled.

"I don’t want to gloat or anything. Just wanting to let it soak in and let the feeling last as long as possible.”

Haynes has been showing animals for many years. She knows the accomplishments she achieved during the Tulsa State Fair are nothing but a fantasy to most exhibitors.

“To say it is unbelievable is an understatement," Haynes said. "Last night I was at dinner and I was sitting kind of stunned they kept teasing me saying Mattie you don’t seem excited.

"I was just sitting there thinking of all the times I have shown. I guess I am just trying to believe it really happened."

Haynes began showing at the fair two weeks ago when she competed in the sheep shows. Her Hampshire ewe took her to her first win.

She had champion Hampshire ewe in the open show and then took her to the breeding ewe show the next day.

“I was happy with her finish in the open show," Haynes said. "But the following day she was again champion Hampshire ewe in the breeding show.

"Then to my surprise she won Supreme ewe overall. Out of all ewes in the breeding show she won supreme. I was so excited and shocked.”

Last week, Haynes competed in the market lamb show with her weathers and walked away with reserve senior showman. She went on to win reserve showman overall.

“This alone would have made my fair to do so well in showmanship," Haynes said. "Then I had 12th overall lamb so I made the sell with my crossbred wether.”

Two days later, the swine shows began during the final weekend's competition.  

Haynes crossbred or commercial gilt won her division, then was named supreme commercial gilt. Then Haynes won supreme gilt overall.

“You know they say if walls could talk oh the stories they could tell," Haynes said as tears streamed down her face. "Well if a banner could talk they would have to talk about all the people behind something like this.

"As much as it was me working hard and I accomplished this, it really wasn’t. It is the people that has helped me get there.

"I couldn’t have done it without them. The day in and day out to get that sheep right and that hog just right it just all paid off.”

Haynes said she's struggled in the competitions leading up to the Tulsa State Fair.

“I showed sheep, hogs and chickens at the Fort Smith Fair I had done alright but things hadn’t went as planned up until Tulsa," Haynes said. "Surprisingly it has been the same set of animals that I had taken everywhere.

"That gilt had been to 12 shows this summer and fall and hadn’t won hardly anything, then she wins supreme gilt at her biggest show. It was just their moment she to catch the judges eye."

She can show the lambs again in the spring shows except the weather that made the sale at Tulsa.

“The one that made the sale he had to go," Haynes said. "But the ewes, I will have them to work with this winter and actually I will show her this spring at the county shows and the Oklahoma Youth Expo."

Haynes has shown since she was small, but only began showing hogs two years ago. This was her first gilt show.

As far as the gilt that won supreme gilt, Haynes said she has a different future for her since hogs can only be shown during one show season.

“The gilt may go to the Kansas City Royal show," Haynes said. "But [I'm] waiting to see how that pans out in two weeks.

“If she does not go to the American Royal she will be retained by Hofschulte Genetics where she came from and go into their breeding program.

"If she doesn’t go to American Royal she will probably be bred this fall and have pigs this fall. If not she will be bred in the spring."

Haynes credits her parents, the Hofschute family as a whole and Natalie in particular, Kalley Whitlock and the Whitlock family, the Law family and the Rexwinkle family, for having a big part in her win.

“I want to give God all the glory for sure," Haynes said. "It is so much more than just having a good animal and having them ready to show.

"You have to go through all the shifts from pen to pen to finally get in the big arena. Get the right looks. Not just the animal looking good but you have to show them just right.

"The judge has to see you and there are a lot of things to take in account. Everything has to go just right. Everything has to fall in place. I think I had some help from above. He had to have a hand in it for it all to finish like it did."