Members of the Delaware County 4-H and FFA programs took part in the livestock judging contest on Saturday, Sept. 1, during the 2017 Delaware County Free Fair.

Individual Results

Individual winners in the junior division included Kash Butler (first place), Kord Butler (second place), from Grove FFA, Maddox Hollenback, Jay 4-H, and Lauren Chaney (tie for third) Grove FFA, and Jade Potter (fifth).

Senior division individual winners included Nettie Kirby, Emily Knowles and Mia McCool from Grove FFA in a three-way tie for first, Abby Simmons of Colcord FFA, fourth and Oaks FFA's Clynt Phillips in fifth.

Team Results

Junior division team results included:

First - Grove FFA Team Two: Kash Butler, Kord Butler, Katilyn Mellin and Marisa Rowe.

Second: Grove FFA Team One: Lauren Chaney, Hannah Dozier, Sierra Campbell and A.J. Helton.

Third: Colcord FFA: Jade Potter, Megan Chandler, Rachel Dunn and Andy Jenks.

Fourth: Jay 4-H: Maddox Hollenback, Kelley Hollenback and Cruzer Gibe.

Senior division team results

First: Grove FFA: Nettie Kirby, Emily Knowles, Mia McCool and Riley Caswell.

Second: Jay FFA: Lila Sherman, Sellor Lane, Amiaya Bearpaw and Steen Lane.

Third: Oaks FFA: Clynt Philips, Trace Armbrister and Maharley Carroll. 

Fourth: Colcord FFA: Malcolm Potter, Lexie Wilson, Larami Shelley and Abby Simmons.