For the Clark and Nightingale families, the 2017 Cajun Fest in Grove brought more than a little culture. 

It served as a stop on the bi-annual family reunion. Ross Clark, the patriarch of the family, estimates this is the 20th family reunion for the two families.

Clark said that among the 35 family members, there were three 88-year-olds, a number of 86-year-olds and a baby. 

"We brought a great big bus out here," Clark said. "It has a fantastic lift for the wheelchairs. One lady has had a stroke about 10 or 12 and paralyzed her. So we have people from Cleveland, Ohio, North Carolina, but the family started out in Kansas."

Clark said the family originated in a little town northwest of Topeka, Kansas.

Clark, who 78 years young himself, attended Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, and became a veterinarian.  

Although Clark and his family were just in town for the day, everyone enjoyed the vittles, music and atmosphere. 

"I was trying to find something to do today and this really fits the bill," said Clark.