Oh the places you'll go.... 

So reads a line in one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books. It's often used during the graduation season to encourage graduates to step out into the world and to pursue their dreams.

Big audacious dreams fill the heads of our graduates.

Dreams of an education, career, family, life... well you get the picture.

Dreams that are worth pursuing to the fullest degree.

But sometimes, life happens. 

Dreams don't always come true.

Sometimes adulthood, well, stinks, as the dreams of our youth become a different reality. 

I was reminded of this, this weekend, as a friend read a passage from The Tale of Three Trees, by Angela Elwell Hunt.

In this book, three trees have amazing, big, audacious goals. 

One wants to hold important treasurers, another wants to sail the deepest seas with royalty. The third, simply wants to be known as the biggest, strongest, best tree ever grown. 

In the story though, the trees' dreams seem to be shattered. Life changed. All three trees are cut down. One becomes a manger, another a simple fishing boat, the third, lays in a shed, forgotten.

The dreams - which were amazing and good - didn't turn out like exactly like they had been originally envisioned. 

Often, our dreams take side trips. An illness changes plans. Finances causes disruptions. Jobs may not be as we thought. 

Disruption causes us to step back and regroup, before we move forward.

That happened to the trees. Their plans seemed to be in disarray. Unachievable.

But, in the tale, Hunt tells how the first did go on to hold treasurers - the Christ child in the manger. The second did hold royalty - Jesus and his followers.

And the third, well, it did grow tall - and receive recognition from far and wide - as it became the cross, which became the symbol of salvation.

So, my challenge to the graduates, who are dreaming those big audacious goals. Keep dreaming. Keep planning. Build a foundation that is strong - so when life throws a change or two along your path, you'll be able to pick yourself up, and continue to move forward in the the future.

The places you go, may not be what you initially dreamed, but like the trees, it may be something more than you can ever imagine.  

Kaylea M. Hutson-Miller is the managing editor of The Grove Sun and Delaware County Journal. Have an idea for a column or story? She can be reached at khutson@grovesun.com or 918-786-2228.