Wow, was that a hot day or not?

The first time is always the best in most situations, and even if the hot weather nearly roasted me like the hog fry down at the Masonic lodge, I had a great time regardless.

I was able to meet with a few of you while I walked through the festival handing out newspapers. And I am happy to say, none of you wanted to rip my head off for what we did or did not cover while I’ve been the editor.

Truthfully, the smiles and the “welcome to town” congratulations have made this job significantly easier.

My arrival at the Delaware County Journal has been abrupt for most readers and county citizens I’ve come into contact with, as it has for myself.

I am still a bit tentative when it comes to this job. I am still creating my style as an editor and connecting more with you, the readers.

So the smiles and congratulations make creating and connecting much easier. It is always better for my health to know that people are happy I am here and not lining up with torches to run me out of town.

Oh, and I got to try huckleberries for the first time.

No wonder Jay has a whole festival named after them.

As I stood in line in front of the Grand River Abstract building, waiting for my ice cream with huckleberry sauce, my taste buds thought of the worst.

I thought ,”What if I turn out to be a big wuss and absolutely hate huckleberries? What if I spit them out and everyone at the Huckleberry Festival gives me a concerned look when I walk by?”

I am thankful to report, this was not the case.

The huckleberry is better than I could have imagined. Not too sweet, not too bitter.

The best thing about this festival, though, was truly feeling like I am becoming a part of this community, not only in my own comfort around town and the county but also the comfort that people I have come to know so far have with talking with me.

Thank you for the welcoming Jay and Delaware County. I hope to be around for many more Huckleberry Festivals.

Zach Collums is the editor of the Delaware County Journal. He can be reached at the Delaware County office, 918-253-4322, or at