Nestled along the shores of Grand Lake at the south end of Sailboat Bridge, the area's newest restaurant, The Pourhouse, is open to the public at The Regatta RV park.

The Pourhouse will make you smile 

Nestled along the shores of Grand Lake at the south end of Sailboat Bridge, the area’s newest restaurant, The Pourhouse, is open to the public at The Regatta RV park.  

The restaurant menu and bar offer a wide variety of healthy choices along with fine wines and a full bar. The ground floor has seating for about 85 people with a full bar as well as a pastry bar. There is a drive-through window so that area residents can order breakfast prepared by the pastry chef along with gourmet beverages from the convenience of their vehicles.  

There is a grand staircase off the restaurant floor that leads up to a small second floor where entertainment and programs can be staged. In addition, there is the Yacht Club Bar, the only rooftop bar at Grand Lake, which features a 270-degree view of the lake. It is filled with outdoor seating, from deck chairs to couches and firepits. Amazing pastry is available along with other appetizers.  

The Pourhouse and Yacht Club are open to the public. The facilities are part of the new destination luxury RV Park. The idea for the complex was the dream of the two owners Teresa Poindexter and Marc Newman.  

Poindexter grew up on Grand Lake and raised her family to love the outdoors. She has done extensive RV traveling and says that luxury RV parks are normally found on the coasts. Her dream was to find a location on Grand Lake that could offer amenities such as outdoor kitchens and door-to-door restaurant delivery. 

She is a top real estate agent with REMAX and had purchased one site, but when she met her partner, Marc Newman, they melded their vision and decided to find a more ideal site.  

Marc and Teresa have designed and acted as the general contractors for the entire project. They began construction last fall. After surviving rainy weather and the pandemic, their vision is now a reality. Within a few days the parking lots and most of the RV sites will be completed. The restaurant opened this weekend after a delayed state Fire Inspection was completed on Wednesday. 

The partners say they believe that in the near future about 40 percent of all office jobs will be able to be done remotely. They believe that their destination may be the ideal spot for working in luxury. “We think that the weekend camper may soon start traveling to the lake area on Wednesday rather than Friday,” Poindexter said. “The new reality is working off-site.”  

While some people are satisfied with tent camping, this RV park is more like a five-star hotel. Once you enter through the 13-foot iron gates, you have your choice of a lakeside site or an interior site. All sites have outdoor kitchens including refrigerator and seating. The interior sites allow campers who are traveling together to open onto a large concrete common space. The infrastructure to each site includes city water and sewer as well as private electricity and fiber wifi.  

Poindexter says that the park will even do grocery shopping for visitors so that the items needed will be in the refrigerator at the site when they arrive. In addition, a number of vehicles including a stretch limousine will take clients to restaurants and activities throughout the area. 

The park is expected to employ 25 to 30 people and have a $5 million economic impact on the community.  

The resort will also feature boat slips. Currently, on-site slips are awaiting GRDA approval, but in the meantime, they have slips available at the Cherokee Queen’s dock across the street. A shuttle will pick up visitors and guests and bring them to the park. 

The site consists of 13 acres and a half-mile of shoreline. The resort recently received an award for its innovative paved trail along the shoreline. It is made of pavers that actually filter the runoff water so that it returns clean water to the lake. 

Guards are on duty 24-hours. Only RVs and Fifth wheel RVs less than 10 years old are allowed on site. A one-night stay is $85. Sites can be rented by the night, week or monthly.