The Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron (GLSPS) held its annual Change of Watch on Saturday, November 1, 2008 at the Cherokee Yacht Club in Ketchum, OK.  Sixty-nine squadron members attended to help celebrate the change in leadership for the New Year.  The current squadron Commander, Richard Dayringer, handed over the top position to Jane Montgomery.  Jane is the 10th Commander to be installed since the squadron’s inception.

Officiating over the proceedings was District 31 Past Commander, Bill Miller.  The following bridge officers were installed: Commander, Jane Montgomery; Executive Officer, Jim Sweeten; Administrative Officer, Marcia Pett; Squadron Educational Officer, Gene Pett; Treasurer, Linda Adzigian; Secretary, Janet Sloan.  Other members taking oath for office were Assistant Education Officer, David Sloan; Assistant Secretary, Carol Goodwin; Assistant Treasurer, Jim Reynolds, and seven Executive Committee Members: Roger Endo, Gordon Hatcher, Margaret Miller, Chick Wheat, Dennis Fenlon, DiAnn Endres and Richard Dayringer.

The outgoing Commander, Richard Dayringer gave a “Year in Review” presentation of the squadron’s accomplishments, with the assistance of Brian Hunt.  The photo slide-show presentation included the civic, educational and social activities of the organization over the past year.   Among the final acts of Dayringer’s tenure was the installation of six new members into the squadron: Joe & Linda Barnes, Dennis & Diana Fenlon, and Bob & Hilda Swann.  Daryl Gregory was recognized for 25 years of dedicated service and membership to the United States Power Squadron.    Ken and Denise Winn were recognized for obtaining their Senior Membership status representing five years as members.  Jay Spicer, was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the Vessel Safety Check program.  The squadron completed over 325 vessel inspections this year.

The Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron is one of over 450 squadrons nationwide that comprise the United States Power Squadron.  The goal is to promote safe boating through education, civic service and social activities.  The GLSPS is one of just a few squadrons in the nation that offers its safe boating course free to the public.  Along with learning safe boating, attendees usually acquire an annual 10-20% discount on their boat insurance.  Interested parties may contact Jane Montgomery at 918-786-9797 or for information on boating education as well as membership in the GLSPS.