Hi!† My name is Jasmine, and Iím so lucky to have found my forever home with the Wilmothís of Claremore, Oklahoma.†† Caryl and David Wilmoth had previous Golden Retrieversóboth were up in dog years and had recently passed on.† The Wilmoth family - Caryl, David, son Dylan, age 7, and daughter Hannah, age 11, were eager to adopt another Golden Retriever.† So Caryl began her search on Petfinder.com, and my picture showed up.† I am about 1 year old and had recently had a litter of puppies.† My previous owners had not taken the time to have me spayed. So when I had puppies which were definitely unplanned and unwanted by them, they chose to give all my puppies away and to surrender me to the Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake as well.† Once surrendered to the Humane Society of Grove, I was thankfully spayed so that I donít have to worry about any more unwanted litters of puppies.

Once the Wilmoth family saw my picture on the Internet, Caryl immediately came to visit me in Grove.† It was love at first sight!!† And I was adopted.† I now have a family that loves me completely.† They say that I am a perfect match for them.†† I love laying beside my new family members and also playing with my new four-legged friends.† You see, the Wilmoth family have other rescue dogs.† One dog was rescued when a truckload of canines were brought to Tulsa after they became homeless from Hurricane Katrina.† My other 4-legged companion had become homeless when its previous owner passed on, and the Wilmoth family took it into their home.

If you are considering adding a pet to your family, please consider rescuing a shelter animal.† There are many pure bred dogs that are surrendered to animals shelters every day, and we are all looking for that special home.† Contact the Humane Society of Grove at 918-786-7630 or visit the website at www.humanesocietyofgrove.com to see pictures of dogs and cats available for adoption.†

So that other dogs and cats donít end up homeless and surrendered to the Humane Society like me, Iím asking all pet owners to make an appointment today with the Humane Society of Grove for a low-cost spay or neuter of your pet or contact your veterinarian.† This is the only way to stop pet overpopulation and the many unwanted litters that are abandoned every day.