Cleora United Methodist Church will be hosting a FREE family movie night on Friday March 7th at 6:00 pm.  Popcorn and soft-drinks will be served, and all are invited.  The church’s pastor, Rev. Rich Brasher says, “We expect that this will be a fun evening and an opportunity to come together as a community and share a great movie. No sermons, no offerings, no ulterior motives, just good old fashioned entertainment and fellowship.”  When asked what movie will be showing, he responded, “Due to copyright laws, we aren’t allowed to announce the title, but it is a fairly recent film which did well at the box office.  It’s a delightful story which is suitable for the whole family. Both children and adults will love it.”  Pastor Rich did say that this particular movie was based on a very popular novel. “Part comedy, and part drama makes this a terrific film.  It’s my favorite film of the year,” he says.

Family movie night is a part of an ongoing effort by the people of the church to get better acquainted with many in the community who aren’t already otherwise connected with the church. “We saw a need to get to know all our neighbors better,” says Pastor Rich, “I live in a neighborhood where I only know about three or four couples personally.  Hopefully, as we begin to offer more and more neighborhood get-togethers, we will begin to establish relationships with more and more people who live in our community. It’s not about getting more people to come to church, but it is about bringing people together for fun and fellowship. We hope you will come!”

For more information, please call 918-256-3665 between 9:00 am & 1:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.