State Representative Doug Cox


by State Representative Doug Cox M.D.


Thanks to Cleora school superintendant Tim Carson for his recommendation on the school calendar.  We did pass legislation in the House this week that will give school districts greater flexibility in setting up both their school days and year.  School districts could leave their school year exactly as it is right now or have the option to extend each school day and operate on a 4-day week to save money on utility and other operation costs.  The bill also protects 15 hrs of professional development for teachers each year.  Currently at 180 days, Oklahoma has one of the shortest school years in the region.


Legislation passed out of committee to encourage the Health Dept. to work with private companies to create a nursing home for elderly sex offenders.  Currently Oklahoma has only 30 sex offenders living in nursing homes.  However with over 2,200 sex offenders over age 55 being released from prison in the next 10 yrs we are trying to be pro-active.  The legislature realizes that our seniors in nursing homes are some of Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens.


Another bill you will find interesting would place lottery funds into a special account so Oklahomans know exactly how much lottery cash goes to their local school district.  In the current system the funds are part of the state school funding formula with all other education money, which makes it very difficult to determine how much each individual school district receives from the lottery.


Until next week, try to avoid becoming part of our present flu epidemic.