Grove Lower Elementary celebrated Dr. Suess’s 105th Birthday on Monday March 2nd beginning with Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast where a special guest – The Cat in the Hat (Mrs. Sandy Harper) – greeted students and parents as they arrived at school.

We began with a visit from the Cat In the Hat in our cafeteria while we ate Green Eggs and Ham. After breakfast children began reading. Each grade level was challenged to read and receive 1,000 Reading Counts Points to earn an afternoon with popcorn and the Principal, Sandy Harper and Vice Principal, Cindy Weaver will dress up like Movie Stars during the upcoming Book Fair, March 13th – 30th.

 Grove Lower Elementary read 2,642,903 words on Monday, March 2nd.

Third Grade, 181 students, achieved 1,000 Reading Counts points by 11:11am.  But they challenged themselves to go beyond their goal.  On Monday, they read 1,725,645 words!   The entire Third grade received 1,800 Reading Counts points.  Mrs. Geasland third grade class received the most reading counts points with 275 points.  The top reader in the Third grade was Grant Laue of Mrs. Hunsperger’s class with 47 points. Second Grade, 179 students, received 1,430 points. Mrs. Manning’s second grade class came in first receiving 365. The top reader in Second grade was Chance Gawf of Mrs. Manning’s class with 35 points.  First grade received 1,000 points. Mrs. Steffenson’s class received 236 points making her class the best first grade class.  The top reader in First grade is Skyler Hernandez from Mrs. Steffenson’s class with 24 points. It was a great day and the students were very proud of themselves.