Cox’s Corner

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Doug Cox M.D.

   Want to be a movie star?  You don’t have to go to Hollywood anymore.  The Oklahoma Film and Music Office is doing a great job of recruiting motion picture companies to our beautiful state.  Once these companies realize the varying landscapes of our state, from our lakes to the Arbuckle Mountains and the desert at Little Sahara, they see the benefit of filming here.  Other great selling points are the work ethic and friendliness of Oklahomans.

 Having these movies filmed in Oklahoma is a real economic boost.  The stars and staff stay in local hotels, eat in local restaurants, and buy goods and services at local stores.  They often hire local folks for extras in the movies!  Who knows, it could be your chance to be discovered.  These Hollywood types seem to be enamored with our Western and Native American cultures.

We are in competition with other states to recruit this industry.  Oklahoma offers some incentives ranging from tax credits to cash rebates to attract these companies.  Our biggest area competitor is New Mexico.  A portfolio of interesting landmarks, main streets, landscapes, and festivals is being assembled as part of Oklahoma’s selling points to the film industry.  I will soon be contacting local Chambers of Commerce, as well as city and county officials regarding how to have sites and festivals in our area included in this portfolio.

Of course our state has a strong history in the music industry and the Film and Music Office is promoting this as well.  A division of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, they are working hard for your.

 If you would like to know more about this office, or learn where the next movie is being filmed in Oklahoma you may contact Jill Simpson, director of the Oklahoma Film and Music Office, at 405-230-8440.

   Until next week—I’ll see you at the movies!