What another wonderful week in Oklahoma.  I enjoyed visiting with many of you as I attended the Delaware and Mayes County fairs.  These fairs just reinforce what we have discussed here before-that 4-H and FFA are great organizations for our young people.  The Premium Sales served as a reminder as to how generous Oklahomans and Oklahoma businesses are.  Good luck to all of our champions that will be competing at the Tulsa State Fair.

 Oklahomans are facing a steady increase in the prevalence of diabetes, especially in kids.  I authored a bill in the last legislative session that allows kids to care for their diabetes at school, including keeping the supplies they need to check their sugars and treat low or high sugars at their desks.  For this work I was honored to receive the American Diabetes Association’s “Oklahoma’s Public Policy Award” at a ceremony in Tulsa.

 Interim studies are continuing at your State Capitol, necessitating my occasional absence from the District.  I regret being gone but these studies form the basis for many of the bills we will vote on next session that could affect all of us.  Please remember you can always reach me through my legislative assistant Jane at 405-557-7415.

 Oklahoma is such a great state.  We have so much to be proud of and we need to brag more.  You can learn more about our state by listening to my “Oklahoma Facts” series, which will be playing on both KITO (Vinita) and KGVE (Grove).  I hope you can catch some of these and build a knowledge base of “bragging facts” about our state.

 Speaking of Oklahoma bragging facts—did you know Oklahoma has produced more astronauts than any other state?

     Be proud of Oklahoma and fly our State Flag!