Anna Jarvisí first gift idea for remembering mom on Motherís Day was flowers. But the founder of the holiday was thinking of the wild flowers that flourished profusely over the hillsides of her rural West Virginia home. That was back in 1908, when all a loving son or daughter had to do was hike to a nearby field or walk about their own property to pick an armful.

Back then, there were probably few, if any, local florists which, today, stock every kind of flower imaginable, from arbutus to zinnia to anything in between. Before you head out to your neighborhood florist, here are a few things to consider:

* What is Momís favorite type of flower? If you donít know, roses are always a safe choice, and one sheíll love.

* Does Mom have any allergies to specific flowers? Ask the florist to put together blooms that are less likely to induce a sneezing outbreak.

* Does your mother live in another state? Donít worry. You can call your local florist for the arrangement and he or she will contact a florist in your Momís area to put together and deliver the blooms.